Businesses To Start On A Shoestring

Businesses To Start On A Shoestring In 2022

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We give lots of ideas in this blog to help you to use your existing skills in order to start a business with no money.

Alternatively, we give you some low-cost resources which will help you to start a business with no money. We show you how you can learn some new skills in order to help you to generate income from these new skills.

All you need in order to generate revenue is to provide a service or product that someone needs, at the time they need it, at a cost they are willing to pay, ie at the market price.

Here are some examples of low-cost businesses and the sort of skills that you may need:

Wordprocessing, data entry

Secretarial services

Virtual Assistant services

Shopping for elderly or disabled people

Handyman (you will need some tools)

Removals – you will need insurance and a suitable vehicle (which can be hired).

Gardening services

Lawncare services

Landscaping services

Telephone answering service

Even if you have little time and limited skills, there are things that you can do and services you can offer that will be in demand by others.

If you have the willingness to put yourself in front of other people, using advertising on Social Media, then you can start a Low-Cost Startup Business, or a Business To Start On A Shoestring, or even several Businesses To Start On A Shoestring.