Best Review of Outsourcing Companies and Services

Outsourcing Companies and Services can be a massive aid to the wesbite owner with limited time and deadlines to meet, provided that you specifiy everything correctly and concisely, and are tight regarding allocated budgets.

What Do You Need From Outsourcing?

A website owner can decide to Outsourcing Companies and Services almost anything from his task list.

Virtual Assistant

One of the biggest investments a company can make in Outsourcing Companies and Services is to hire a Virtual Assistant.

There are many potential companies who offer such services. One such company is

We do have some imited experience of working with but it was not a fruitful relationship and did not progress beyond the start up phase. From our side the relationship was not satisfactory.

One of the problems with hiring a Virtual Assistant is that you must precisely describe everything which you expect that employee to carry out, and in which priorities. This means that you must instruct them to do training on the particular software packages which you use, and allow them time to carry out the training as well, before they can productively use it.

Our particular initiative revolved around getting some feedback from the outsourcing company, which was not forthcoming, so we decided to cancel the arrangement before any more time and money was lost.

No matter what your VA carries out on your behalf, you are obliged to pay for their time. This may work out ok if you have a relationship with your VA and they are responsive to your needs. On the other hand, do you really know what your VA has been doing all day, when you are several thousand miles away in another continent.

Our conclusion is that you would be better served hiring a real assistant rather than a Virtual Assistant, and you can then personally instruct them and personally communicate with them about what results they have achieved. If necessary you can personally modify instructions to the Real Assistant. This applies even if the hourly cost of a Real Assistant is higher in theory than that of a Virtual Assistant. It is not about hourly cost, it is about real value, not virtual value.

Other Services Which Can Be Outsourced are:

Logo Design and Preparation

There are many many companies on the internet who can offer logo design services, with a wide range of price structures.

One of the sources of Logo design is

We have used for logo design services, and chose one of a number of competing logo designers. The logo was delivered within the agreed timescale and was of adequate quality. We paid approximately $12 for the logo, plus a tip, which is an unusual feature of, which we have not come across on other similar websites.

Fiverr Range of Services, Review of Outsourcing Companies and Services is another website where you can commission many different types of service.