The Best Low Cost Startup Business In 2022 Is Wealthy Affiliate

The Best Low Cost Startup Business In 2022 Is Wealthy Affiliate

wealthy affiliate as a low-cost business in 2021
wealthy affiliate as a low-cost startup business in 2021


One of the

The Best Low Cost Startup Business In 2022 Is Wealthy Affiliate


This is a particular website platform that can help you to get started for free, including get ongoing access to 10 free training lessons and will also host 2 free websites as well.  Maybe you have not heard of Wealthy Affiliate. Well, this article will give you all the ins and outs of Wealthy Affiliate so that you can assess whether or not it suits you and your plan to start

The Best Low Cost Startup Business In 2022 Is Wealthy Affiliate


If you would like to sign up to Wealthy Affiliate in order to try it out, click here.

Here is my review of Wealthy Affiliate having been a member of the platform since August 2017.

Review Of Best Affiliate Marketing software online – Wealthy Affiliate

In this article, I describe the top 10 success stories from Wealthy Affiliate, so that you can see for yourself the sort of results that you can achieve with the Wealthy Affiliate platform and community.

In the following articles, you can see for yourself just how quickly you can make your own very first website in 30 seconds and why you need Wealthy Affiliate to Make Money Online.

Build a Website In 30 Seconds With The Amazing Wealthy Affiliate!

Why Do I Need Wealthy Affiliate To Make Money Online

wealthy affiliate as a low-cost business in 2021
wealthy affiliate as a low-cost startup business in 2021

Here is a reminder of the Key Facts and Features of Wealthy Affiliate:

Wealthy Affiliate is a software platform and online business community which is dedicated to the online business success of its subscribers and members.

Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 by its owners Kyle and Carson, and has undergone many improvements and upgrades over the years so that it is now at the leading edge in the online business website hosting and online entrepreneur training marketplace. There are now 3 levels of membership:

  • Free
  • $49 per month Standard
  • $ 359 per annum for Premium Membership

Many of the long-standing members run their own very successful online businesses and also act as Ambassadors for Wealthy Affiliate by contributing to the training and development of the whole community especially newcomers with little knowledge of online marketing and entrepreneurship, making this more of a caring Family of Members, rather than a business strictly for profit.

The cost for Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership, which gives the most benefits to subscribers, is $49 per month or $359 per annum. It is possible to try the product for free for a period of 7 days and to remain a Standard Member for longer at a lower cost but this gives reduced functionality since the use of the full facilities and capabilities of Wealthy Affiliate is restricted.

We have not reviewed this lower level of membership when assessing the full Wealthy Affiliate system capabilities, features and benefits in this review.

We recommend that you try the product for FREE AT Link:https://www.wealthyaffiliate.c…

Key Performance Indicators:

  • Training: 4.9/5
  • Support: 5/5
  • Website Builder: 4.9/5
  • WordPress hosting: 4.9/5
  • Research Tools: 4.9/5 (This includes the Jaaxy keyword research tool)
  • Success stories: 4.5/5 (There are many such success stories and we recount 10 of them separately)

Our rating: 4.9/5 RECOMMENDED TO PURCHASE PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP OF WEALTHY AFFILIATE Link:https://www.wealthyaffiliate.c…

Table of Key Facts and Features of Wealthy Affiliate:

  • Cost: $49 per month or $359 per annum for Premium Membership.
  • Training: There are extensive training videos (and a growing database of such videos) that are provided and  step by step set of instructions/advice which explain the full detail of the 4 step online business success system on which Wealthy Affiliate is founded. Certification is provided as subscribers progress through the training videos and instructions. You can do the training step by step and mark it off the check list as you progress.
  • Website Building: Subscribers can build their own website on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, using WordPress and SSL security is provided as well as the latest software updates and many thousands of Plug-ins. 2500 plus themes are available free to Premium Members, as well as the facility to import their own themes if they prefer.
  • Website Hosting: Free hosting is provided for Premium Members for up to 50 sites, and it is possible to import your own domains into Wealthy Affiliate as well. Premium and Free members can use the platform to set up their website for free, or alternatively can purchase domains.
  • Software Updates/Development and Support: Wealthy Affiliate has a team of 25 technicians working in the background who maintain, update and develop the systems constantly, so it is one of the most advanced and secure platforms available in the online marketplace.
  • Support: Support is available to subscribers to Wealthy Affiliate 24/7/365 days a year from a number of sources (see below for details).

Just How Capable Is Wealthy Affiliate? How Will It Help me?

Wealthy Affiliate has an excellent reputation within its own community and also more widely in the marketplace, as is demonstrated by the great number of users, currently more than 1 million. It has a number of unique features which are specific to Wealthy Affiliate.

A powerful feature within Wealthy Affiliate is for peer review of a member´s website using a facility called SiteComments and Site Feedback. Comments can be sought by members from their peers who share the same interests, and can also be offered to other members as well. you can choose the type of comments that you require on each article or post on your website. Thereby all members can receive the benefits of feedback of high-quality comments and suggestions about their website, following peer review. Of course, you can choose whether you accept the feedback or comments.

Another excellent feature is the WA Keyword Tool feature which allows members to assess the effectiveness of various keywords for the niche which they have chosen. Another similar and more capable feature is a software package called Jaaxy, which is more sophisticated than the WA Keyword tool. 30 free searches using Jaaxy are offered to Premium members of Wealthy Affiliate, after which they need to subscribe to Jaaxy at $49 per month. However this is not essential and it is possible for members to effectively operate using the WA Keyword Tool, if they do not want to purchase Jaaxy.

What Are The Benefits of Wealthy Affiliate?

Training: There are 5 levels of training and certification within the Wealthy Affiliate platform, which are termed Online Entrepreneur Certification, within which there are a large number of progressively graded lessons so that all training is carried out in small simple steps, which you can check off or retake

wealthy affiliate as a low-cost business in 2021
wealthy affiliate as a low-cost startup business in 2021

before you move on to the next level:

  • Level 1) Getting Started
  • Level 2) Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website
  • Level 3) Making Money
  • Level 4) Mastering Social Engagement
  • Level 5) Achieving Success Through Content Creation

Website Building is carried out within Wealthy Affiliate by following the training sessions and gradually refining the website until it is ready for launch and can be ranked by Google.

Website Hosting is offered free by Wealthy Affiliate for Premium Members up to 25 domains registered with the community plus another 25 domains registered by members elsewhere.

Is There An Affiliate Program For Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate has a very active and successful Affiliate program, and training is given to subscribers who are interested to recommend Wealthy Affiliate to other potential users. The training for this Affiliate Program is very thorough and extensive and is structured in 7 levels which take members through training in the Affiliate Bootcamp. You can make this the foundation of your business if you prefer to do that.

  • Level 1) Getting Your Business Rolling
  • Level 2) Content Keywords and Conversions
  • Level 3) Giving Your Site Social Value
  • Level 4) Get Visual. Get Aesthetic
  • Level 5) Knowing Your Audiences and Catapulting Your Referrals

The remuneration system for referrals is quite beneficial for members who can profit from Wealthy Affiliate Premium Member upgrades and Annual upgrades of referrals who sign up, on an ongoing basis. Members receive $23.50 for monthly referrals and $175 for annual referrals, plus credit for all domains purchased by their referrals.

What About The Effectiveness Of Wealthy Affiliate Support?

Wealthy Affiliate Support is available to all its members 24/7/365 using any of the following features, and experience of use indicates that the community as a whole is extremely supportive.

  • Live Chat – this feature allows members to raise queries and problems online and seek guidance from other members and leaders.
  • Support tickets can be raised for specific queries and logged with Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Members can consult with other more expert members via private email, or by making posts visible to all

Our Conclusion About

The Best Low Cost Startup Business In 2022 Is Wealthy Affiliate

From our thorough review and usage over several years, since we joined in August 2017, we have concluded that Wealthy Affiliate is the best overall software package and platform that we have encountered for Affiliate Marketing., especially as a Low-cost startup Business in 2021.

Our assessment is made having tried and reviewed many many dozens of products and software packages. You can see these reviews on our platform

We will in the near future offer reviews of other comparable products (though we did not find any other products which offered exactly all the features and benefits offered by Wealthy Affiliate), so that our readers can see and evaluate for themselves the benefits offered by each system and product available in the marketplace.

We recommend Wealthy Affiliate as a first-class platform with a stable history of trading and software development. It has expanded to become an active user community of more than 2 million, and still growing. It provides leading-edge technology for website building and hosting.

 If you wish to join Wealthy Affiliate, then go to this link, where you can enjoy a free 7day trial, so you can verify our findings for yourself. We are confident that once you see and experience the facilities and features offered by Wealthy Affiliate you will agree with our assessment and upgrade to become a Premium member.

Link: https://www.wealthyaffiliate.c…






6 responses to “The Best Low Cost Startup Business In 2022 Is Wealthy Affiliate”

  1. Very interesting indeed…When you start a business, many people just assume that there’s no cost at all. In fact, there are costs but you need to minimise them. To me, WA was fine because it wasn’t that expensive compared to all the advtanges I have: training, websites almost ready, affiliate programs, and support from the community. Honestly it’s the best choice I have ever made as an Internet marketer.

    • Hi Angel, Thank you very much for dropping by and commenting on our post. We are pleased that you also found Wealthy Affiliate to be of value. Have  a great day and we wish you fantastic success with your business, Best Alan

  2. I will totally agree, WA has been a miracle for me. I wouldn’t have had the confidence to just start up a website and start trying to sell things because I had no prior experience. The community at WA, the classes, and everything else has been amazing to me and I definitely recommend it to anyone trying to start their own business online.

    • Hi Spencer, Thank you very much for dropping by and commenting about your positive experience with Wealthy Affiliate, cheers Alan

  3. Seeing your article, I feel it is good I share my experiece with Wealthy Affiliate. I am a product of the excellent training from wealthy affiliate. I joined the platform in 2019, I took the training and immidiately I launched my website with wealthy affiliate. My articles began to rank and within the first three months i made my first sale on Bluehost. All you need is follow the training and use the tools. Worth mentioning is the community, they are always ready to help 

    • Hi Owoeye, Thanks very much for dropping by and commenting. I am pleased that you achieved success at Wealthy Affiliate. As you say, all you have to do is to follow the step-by-step training and the results follow. It is most certainly a platform that facilitates and encourages success for its members. I wish you even greater success, cheers Alan

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