Why I Use The Internet Business School For My Digital Marketing Training

Digital Marketing Training, Why I Use The Internet Business School For My Digital Marketing Training

1. What Is The Internet Business School?

The Internet Business School is an online business training company that was founded in Kent in the United Kingdom in 2008 by the successful entrepreneur Simon Coulson. Who is Simon Coulson, you may ask?

The founder of the Internet Business School, Simon Coulson, wrote a book about his experience of online business success since he left full-time employment at British Telecom after accepting voluntary redundancy from that large corporation in 2003. Simon was a classic and keen full-time BT employee until 2003, when he had a breakdown when traveling back towards his home in Kent, at the start of his usual 2-hour commuting journey home at the end of a normal stressful day for him.

After his breakdown after work, Simon realized that he must do something to change his life and he decided to take up his employer´s offer of voluntary redundancy when it became available as an option.

When he received his redundancy package from BT, Simon didn’t really spend it that wisely: I recall hearing Simon describe how he bought an old van for the tribute band that he belonged to at the time, so that they could travel around to gigs more conveniently.

Simon tells how his tribute band re-branded themselves as a Coldplay tribute band, and immediately was able to commend an increased fee for gigs that they played, however, this was not where Simon made his fortune.

Another questionable investment that Simon made was to buy a property in Bulgaria for another small amount, I think I remember him saying it was around 10k GBP, and to this day Simon has never ever visited that property.

There was a boom at the time in people buying property in European countries like Bulgaria, and Simon prepared an ebook about how to buy property in Bulgaria, which he sold online, and this was a successful moneyspinner.

Simon followed this first online marketing success by creating a series of other ebooks about how to buy property in other countries such as Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, etc, and his online business took off, because Simon was creating a product that a hungry crowd wanted to buy, and that is the whole basis of an internet business, that you offer a product or service that solves someone´s problem. Using digital means on the internet you can reach your hungry audience and offer what they are looking for. So there is DEMAND for the product or service and you are able to SUPPLY the solution that your hungry audience is craving.

The Internet Business School teaches you the skills that are needed to identify what is in demand and to propose solutions appropriate to the niche in which you are operating.

If you would like to get a FREE copy of Simon Coulson´s book “Intrapreneur”, just click here.

2. What Courses Do The Internet Business School Offer In Digital Marketing Training?

The Internet Business School offers numerous courses related to Online or Digital Marketing specifically there is a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Digital Marketing Diploma which costs 1995 GBP.

There is also a Youtube Domination course by one of the Internet Business School´s successful early students, called Rick McMunn. Rick McMunn started off writing a book about “How To Become A Fireman”, which was the profession he was following after he left the Royal Navy.

Simon Coulson showed Rick how to market his book “How To Become A Fireman”, and it became an online success. After that success, Rick then wrote a series of How To Become A ……., Airline Pilot, Policeman, Plumber, Electrician etc, so Rick followed the success pattern that Simon had followed with his How To Buy A Property In ……. formula but applied it to professions, rather than property.

there are many other graduates of the Internet Business School who have gone on to create their own successful online businesses, for example:

Jay Hastings and his Serious About Success program, with which we are associated.

Stas Prokoviev and his Clients and Consulting business with which we are associated

If you would like to find the right Digital Marketing Training Program for you at The Internet Business School click here.

3. My Experience With The Internet Business School So Far And How It Has Helped Me To Grow My Business

I first saw Simon Coulson speak a the Excel center in London in 2018, at an event organized by another extremely successful Online Marketer called Andrew Reynolds. The theme of the event was Online Business Marketing and I saw a lot of speakers at that event, including such famous marketers as:

Tom Hua – the creator of the ecourse capital system for selling ebooks and ecourses, also known as PRIMO3.

I subscribed to this system which offers a large variety of ebooks all priced at $17 each. There are also a smaller number of ecourses which are priced at $97 each. There is a full money-back guarantee for purchasers of all the ebooks and ecourses, so it is a no risk purchase for the purchaser.

I have set up 2 websites using this ecourse capital system, and these are:


This website is for people who are interested to start a Low-Cost Startup business, which may be either an offline business, ie not internet-based, or it could be an internet-based business.


This website is for people who are interested in ebooks or ecourses in a large variety of niches. It offers the ebooks all priced at $17 each, and the ecourses all priced at $97 each, and is directly linked to Tom Hua´s ecourse capital system.

I also set up a property business in 2019/2020, which I have been developing using the methods adopted by and taught by the Internet Business School, specifically:


There is a Youtube channel called Alpus Group wherein we offer property education and training and other property investment-related videos and real property deals

There are other related subdomains or extensions of this website such as:



This is for all aspects of property development and we have a Youtube channel called Alpus Property Development which has more than 1000 subscribers.

Also https://alpusgroup.com/propertyeducation

and https://alpusgroup.com/property-development-success

This is our 5-step Property Development Success course over 8 weekly modules.

I also have several other websites that are in various stages of development as I am trying to build a brand around the name Alpus, which is the company that I established in Slovenia in 2015.

Other company domains are:





I will be developing these to suit my business and brand which broadly operates in property but also includes digital products for education in various niches.

If you would like to find the right Digital Marketing Training Program for you at The Internet Business School click here.

4. The Benefits Of Online Learning And How It Can Be Tailored To Suit Your Individual Needs

There are thousands of different business models and thousands more niches in which people operate their businesses, whether they operate offline in traditional businesses or online.

The Internet Business School have a questionnaire that they use to analyze what online business model best suits each person.

There are some examples of offline, traditional businesses that have transitioned to an online business model, and there were many businesses that were adversely affected by the covid pandemic that successfully made the transition to online revenue and improved profitability.

If you would like to find the right Digital Marketing Training Program for you at The Internet Business School click here.

5. Some Of The Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Getting Digital Marketing Training From The Internet Business School

I think that some of the top reasons for you to consider training from the Internet Business School are the following:

1. The Internet Business School are the leading provider of such Digital Training in the UK.

2. The Internet Business School has a track record of success and lots of examples of testimonials from past students.

3. The Internet Business School has many of its past students who maintain contact with IBS and frequently give talks and webinar presentations of their successful methods using case studies and actual success results.

4. The Internet Business School can show many examples of successful students who have transitioned their failing traditional business models into successful online business models.

5. The Internet Business school is always updating its training in order to reflect the changing online digital market place and the latest online marketing models that work and produce results currently.

If you would like to find the right Digital Marketing Training Program for you at The Internet Business School click here.

6. How To Get Started With The Internet Business School And What You Need To Know Before Making Your Decision?

All you need to do to get started is to complete the questionnaire from the Internet Business School and they will analyze the 20 answers that you have given to their questions, and make a recommendation about what business model would suit you best. Once you consider their recommendations, you can decide on the most appropriate training to suit your business model, and your own level of expertise, and where you may need updating or further training to increase your skills and knowledge.

If you would like to Answer The Survey To Find Which Business Model Suits You Best at The Internet Business School click here.

7. Pros And Cons Of The Internet Business School, Based On My Personal Experience

From my own personal experience, I have found a lot of positives from my involvement with the Internet Business School and I can’t at the moment think of any negative aspects of the experience.

If you would like to try The Internet Business School click here.

8. How To Choose The Right Digital Marketing Training Program For You?

The right digital marketing training program for you will depend upon your current level of expertise and what your business model is or is planned to be. Obviously, if you have a high level of expertise overall you may not need the highest level of training. it just depends on those 2 factors, what you need personally and what suits your business model best.

If you would like to find the right Digital Marketing Training Program for you at The Internet Business School click here.

 9. Final Thoughts On The Internet Business School And Why  I Recommend Them

I have first-hand experience doing the Diploma In Internet Marketing course by the Internet Business School, firstly in April 2020, just after the start of the recent covid pandemic. I learned a lot in that 3-day course, which prepared me for building my property business which i have successfully done over the last 2 years since then.

I also attended an updated Diploma course a few months ago in 2022, because the course was updated and I also updated my own knowledge at various online and in-person events organized by The Internet Business School.

I attended an in-person event in July 2022, at which I signed up for TikTok training course with the Internet Business School. I had not thought that TikTok would be appropriate for my business This was because I discovered that TikTok was appropriate for my property niche from one of the speakers at the event.

If you would like to sign up to The Internet Business School click here.

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