Unlock Your Power: Monica Periade´s Empowerment Blueprint

Empowerment For All Women: By Monica Periade

Empowerment For All Women By Monica Periade a Coaching Conversationalist.

“They repeatedly told me that I can’t, to act small and

be quiet, and so I promised myself to show

the world that everything is possible, as much as the

word IMPOSSIBLE is in fact asserting, I’M


In a world filled with groups divided by various

beliefs, love, hate and ignorance, I managed not

only to survive but to find the secret of staying

strong, authentic, kind and considerate. Yes,

Strong, Kind, Considerate and AUTHENTIC.

Success has to do with whether you’re pursuing

what gives you joy and ultimately if that success

to shares value to others and motivate the people

around you!

I am pursuing the most suitable path for me and the

joy of the people I impact, inspire, serve, is

my personal and professional success.



Monica Periade, is a citizen of the world with a PHD in Self-esteem

and the author of the “Unstoppable You’’ “The Basic of Growing

and The Anatomy of Happiness’’.

She grew up in a communist era surrounded by anxiety, fear of

being seen, of not being good

enough, neglect, rejection, scarcity and can relate to people who

are going thorough similar

experiences or difficulties.

She was doomed to simply fail and she would say this in absolute

honesty, yet she is here kicking all the limitations and negativity as

living proof that we are what

we chose to accept, and we can overcome adversity and succeed

despite conditions and


People give up trying and while their reasons are

pretty common only few manage to overcome

their personal struggle, limitation, confusion etc.

More often than not people assume their

problems are unique, they feel sorry for

themselves getting stuck in the past, fear future


resist change, so they end up underachieving.

She specializes in helping the younger generation

and women from all corner elevate their level of


esteem, remove self-doubt, anxiety, worries and

insecurities, set healthy boundaries and improve

their existing lifestyle by making the right


We end up stuck with the wrong

choices simply because we limit

ourselves, we find more excuse

to hostile situations rather than

ways out, we stay in the wrong

jobs, engage toxic relationships,

we activate only under pressure

and we create a toxic comfort zone

all because the level of our

self-esteem and limiting beliefs.

Her life’s mission is to help

remarkable women and the

younger generation to lead to their


potential and perpetuate the same;

she understands that this can be

done with the help and

support of her readers and

conversers, the heroes of her book.

In her book, Monica advises anyone who feels stuck ‘’in between’’ or ‘’nowhere’’ to find their

personal why, to gain clarity, understand and control their emotions and lead more confidently.

You can and you will, end of story! You no longer bargain for small things, you no longer

surrender to self-doubts, no more playing small or even postpone what is scary for some rainy days!

Everything is happening now, and now it’s your time to shine, yes you, you the Unstoppable you!

If you ask me if I am happy, I would answer straight away that I am, and the reader should

remember that if it’s hard, is going to get harder if you don’t invest in yourself and it might be

foggy today but if you seek clarity you will most definitely make your life a lot easier, purposeful,

and rich.

You become what you invest in that’s what I want for each and every one of my readers, or the

people I collaborate with, to invest in themselves and become unstoppable.

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