How To Disguise Your Small Business As A Major Coproration



How To Disguise Your Small Business As A Major Corporation

by Edmund Mccarthy

So you’ve got a small business? Great!

But like most small businesses, I bet you’re struggling with gaining new customers and clients simply because of your lack of experience.

As a new business, it’s hard to compete with your competitors, especially when some might have months, years, or even decades more experience as leaders in your industry.

So what can you do to make your small business appear more experienced than the others?

In the following article, we’re exploring a few simple tips and tricks to help you disguise your small business like a major corporation.

Proper Licensing And Registration

Like driving a car, there are many licenses and registrations that you may need to set up for your business depending on what industry you’re in and what type of products or services you provide.

To ensure that consumers see your small business as a trustworthy option, it’s highly recommended that you follow all local business licensing and registration requirements from the get-go.

Keep in mind that proper licensing and registration aren’t only essential to help you keep up appearances.

Being properly licensed will ensure that you won’t run into any legal troubles later on down the line!

Proper Marketing Materials

Suppose you want your small business to succeed. In that case, you’re most certainly going to need a professional-looking, eye-catching logo, as well as any other relevant marketing materials you may need, such as brochures, pamphlets, brand guides and more.

Having the proper branding in place is essential as a small business, especially if you’re dealing with significant competitors with more industry experience than you.

For this, a brand style guide is every business owners’ best friend!

A brand guide will compile any necessary information about your brand, including your brand logo, brand colours and themes, brand voice, brand messaging, your mission statement, values, and more.

Not only is this type of marketing information crucial if you want your brand to stand out from larger competitors, but it will also help keep your marketing and advertising in line with your overall business goals.

You can create your brand logo for free using LogoCreator. Check it out here:

Outsourcing Proper Talent

If you’re running a one-person show, it can be hard to make your business appear as if it’s got the skills and talent needed to take on large products from your biggest customers.

Whether we’re talking about larger order volumes or increasing demands from your customers, outsourcing talent can be one of the simplest and most cost-effective methods for making your business appear larger than it is.

Using platforms like Upwork or Fiverr offer business owners easy access to massive pools of freelance workers and employees.

You can effortlessly screen job applicants on these sites and find the perfect people to help you land that next big client!

Proper Online Marketing

Lastly, one of the absolute best ways to make your small business look bigger than it is is by ensuring a regularly active online presence on your company’s blog, its social media page, and anywhere else your target audience is engaged.

Of course, it can be tricky to focus on being active online, especially when you’re taking on increasingly more extensive projects.

However, using tools like Buffer or Hootsuite is excellent for ensuring that you’re posting regularly and maintaining your presence online, even when you’re too busy to open Facebook!

Big-Ifying Your Small Business

It can feel like it’s next to impossible to compete in today’s digital landscape, especially when you’re dealing with significant competitors that have far more experience than your small business.

However, by ensuring your business is following all your local rules and regulations, creating the proper branding materials, outsourcing, and maintaining your online presence, you can easily disguise your small business as a more extensive, thriving corporation!



4 responses to “How To Disguise Your Small Business As A Major Coproration”

  1. Can email marketing be one of them? I want to make my business as lucrative as possible so I wl follow any end every technique there is. You have outlined some pretty interesting points which I will look into. Thank you for such an informative article. I had a blast reading it 

    • Hi Daniel, Yes, email marketing is extremely profitable and can give  return of up to 3800% that is $38 return on every dollar invested, good luck with your business, cheers Alan

  2. You have provided some clever tips here to make yourself stand out in the crowd and appear bigger than what you are, especially if you are just starting out. Sometimes it is best to fly under the radar a little until you gain more experience, as if you grow too quickly on the other hand you could become overwhelmed and not be able to keep up with the incoming business, so it has to be balanced carefully, however a good website and social media presence are essential in this day and age.

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