Make A Business From Selling Other People´s Products (As Well as Your Own)

Make A Business From Selling Other People´s Products (As Well as Your Own)

Have you ever thought about making a career as a Freelance Sales Professional?

If you have the skills to sell solutions to people who have pain or problems then you can easily become a Freelance Selling Professional.

I spent 3 days with a top public speaker and Elite sales trainer called Nick Staab, who works with Assets For Life and he went through his Elite Sales training course with me and around 20 other attendees at an Elite Sales Bootcamp organized in a hotel in the UK for this in-person training event.

We went through everything to do with sales in the 3-day event, at a high level but this included some very specific and detailed training about the systems and processes that Nick uses to make his business so successful. Nick has closed more than $10m in sales of various types since he started his business only a few years ago.

Nick is himself very personable and advocates building relationships with his leads and prospects, and wishes to sell ethically -he won’t sell something to you if it does not meet your needs or it would put you in a worse financial situation. Nick is a top Freelance Sales Professional who sold other people´s products before he had his own to sell.

Nick also advocates Selling As Serving and wishes to help as many people as possible in an ethical way. he promised to hold nothing back in his sales training and he certainly packed every hour of every day with useful content and information for us attendees. I felt it was well worth the money that I had paid to attend the event after we had finished and I reviewed everything covered by Nick and his team.

Nick´s training was organized and structured over 3 days, the first day being an overview of the systems that Nick uses, the second day being a deep dive into each of these areas of the system, then day 3 was a run-through of selling 1:1 and 1: Many using the scripts that Nick has developed over his years of sale experience. These are scripts that Nick actively uses for his own sales funnels.

Nick has a 7-step process for his Elite Sales System, and explained this to us as follows:

1. Psychology: Elite Psychology Mastery.

2. Performance: For best performance, you need healthy nutrition and training.

3. Perfection: The Perfect Pitch Process.

4. Process: The Concrete Closing Method.

5. Provide: The 7 Step Serving Script.

6. Presentation: The 1: Many Speaker Solution (How to make more money in 90 minutes than you would normally in 1 year).

7. Profit: The Money Magnet Maximisations.

Nick explained about some of the common preconceptions and misconceptions about selling and how you need to deal with this yourself first, so that you have the right mindset about selling – Selling Is Serving, that is helping people to improve by offering them solutions to problems that they currently may have.

By helping more people to solve their problems using solutions that you introduce to them you achieve productivity and satisfaction for your clients, and you receive a commission from the sale, it is a WIN WIN situation. You are rewarded for helping people.

Sales is the Number 1 skill to master as everyone needs it and everyone uses it in their everyday lives, negotiating and influencing and persuading people to take certain courses of action that are in their and your interests, whether or not there is an exchange of money for value.


On Day 2, Nick Staab ran through the following aspects of his Elite Sales System and business:

Sales Preparation: Nick uses a Sure State System for preparation before any sales conversation, and this consists of:

a) Affirmations – Self Talk

b) Issue Love

c) Inhale Oxygen, using the BOX breathing technique. In 2 seconds, pause 2 seconds, out 2 seconds, pause 2 seconds, then repeat continually.

d) Managing Your Leads

Systems and Processes – Focus on your goals and set up a process to deal with it.

Nick explained about COLD, WARM and HOT leads, the trio of lead temperatures.

Sales Perfection

The Elite Tone Trio

VAK Senses


Closing Methodology

Lead Generation

Essentially you need to take ownership of all aspects of your business, including and especially the sales process and set up systems and processes to deal with everything. Without Sales, you dont have a business.


On the final day of the condensed Elite Sales Training, Nick Staab brought together the learning from days 1 and 2 and it all made sense as we went through the 2 selling scenarios:

Selling 1:1

Selling 1:Many

Nick explained his scripts for these scenarios and also his generic presentation template which is as follows:

1. Introduction – Big Statement… what you are going to WOW people with during your presentation.

2. Who Can Do This? Anyone can do this, its simple, fast and effective.

3. PRE-FRAME: Set the scene for people that this is important information, so they need to focus and avoid distractions, turn off messages and phones, as what I am about to tell you will change your life!

4. 2 x Buy-in Questions: You need to Command and Inspire people in your audience by asking for their attention and response to the following 2 questions:

1) Raise your hand if you want xxxxxx

2) Raise your hand if you want xxxx and yyyyy

These are the transformations in situations that you are offering with your system.

5). PAIN: You need to step to one side of the stage (your right-hand side), and describe the pain that your prospects are probably in at the moment.

6) GAIN: You need to step to the other side of the stage and offer your audience to IMAGINE what it would be like to get the results offered by your system after it has been subscribed to by them and implemented.

7) BRIDGE: Get the audience to agree with your assertion that if you want different results, you need to carry something out differently to what you are currently doing, and identify that they can get the sort of results they imagine are possible when they sign up to your system.

8) TOPIC: You need to explain to your audience about your topic and your offer and how it will help them to overcome the pain of their CURRENT SITUATION and transform into a NEW SITUATION.

9) TIME: Encourage your audience to recognize that NOW is the time to implement this change.

10) TELL YOUR STORY: This is your opportunity to grab your audience´s attention and tell your story in a way that they can relate to and so they can see that you have the expertise to overcome their PAIN.

11) INTRODUCE YOUR AUDIENCE TO YOUR SYSTEM: Explain to your audience that there is nothing special about you, that anyone can achieve the results that you did by adopting your system.

12) DEEP DIVES: Deep dive into 2 parts of your system, obviously you haven´t got the time in a 90-minute. presentation to cover a deep dive into every part of the system.

13) DEEP DIVE #1: 1st part of your system, WOW not how!

14) OPEN YOUR SHOWCASE: Many of you will be wondering how you can work closely with me…..

15) LOGISTICS: Offer your audience 1 – 3 date options for upcoming events, with approximate location (county), and the usual investment for such a training or coaching event.

16) MOVING ON TO DEEP DIVE #2: The second part of your system that you are going to open up to the audience.

17) BEFORE I FINISH: Leave some top tips on how I became financially successful.

18) RELEASE BUNDLE: Open up your bundle for your offer including list the bonuses that apply for today only!

19) WHY YOU´RE DOING THIS: Explain a heartfelt story about why you are doing this, and also introduce your scholarship or discount for qualifying applicants TODAY only!

20) STACK: Run through the whole offer including bonuses.

This is how you can make more money in 1 x 90-minute presentation than you would in a year normally.

If you know all this stuff, then I am sorry to bore you with it.

It was all fairly new to me, so i wrote about it here to share with those who may be interested.

Nick Staab is rolling out his Elite Sales System to the USA and worldwide gradually during this year and later.

If you have equivalent knowledge to that of Nick Staab, then you can probably already qualify as a Freelance Sales Professional!

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