Best Multiple Streams Of Passive Income -Digital Nomads 2023

Multiple Streams of Passive Income – Digital Nomads

Recently I attended an event organized by Andrew Reynolds under the banner Digital Nomads, at Exel in East London.

I have followed Andrew Reynolds for about 18 months now and he is an experienced and expert marketer of educational software and training products.  He is also the author of the book Copy This Idea, which is available on Amazon, go here.

His latest successful product offering is Video On Demand.

He also organizes seminar type events at which he arranges presentations by well known and successful entrepreneurs.

Last year there was a similar event which was called xxxxxx which was held over a 3 day weekend at Excel in East London.

This year the event was labelled Digital Nomads, because it portrayed that is is possible to have a nomadic lifestyle travelling the world and running your businesses from a laptop wherever you are in the world enjoying your wealthy lifestyle.

Andrew suggested that delegates approach planning for their income using a Hub and Spoke type approach where each spoke was a separate source of income

What Andrew presented was several speakers who were each experts in their own fields and highly successful businessmen, from a variety of different types of moneymaking business, many of whom described how i was possible to make passive income from multiple income streams Digital Nomads.

Steven Essa The X10 Effect, Money On Demand

Steven Essa is a specialist in producing and presenting webinars which can be put on Youtube or used for skype or Zoom type webinars. His view is that Video and Audio are more successful and effective means of communication than written words. He is also a highly successful public speaker in his own field of expertise.

He has produced software for webinar automation, called Webinator Software.

He is an author of a best selling book called Money On Demand.

Multiple Streams Of Passive Income -Digital Nomads

Steven Essa offers training of his webinar presentation methods and software, which includes a set of 8 Money On Demand training modules, a Facebook Ads Blueprint and Social Media 360 Home Study Course, plus Ready Made Webinars, Plus Phone and Email Support to subscribers as well as a Private Facebook Group, and a 2 day Money On demand Workshop. All notionally valued around 40,000GBP for a one of event price of 1500GBP, or split over 3 months 497GBP deposit then 2 x monthly payments of 597GBP.

Darren Winters – The Wealth Trading Company

Darren Winters has spent a lot of time and money being mentored by the best share trading experts in the world. He has made many millions from his expertise, and offers training courses to share his knowledge Digital Nomads.

He has intimate knowledge of the stock markets and trends during economic cycles, and the relevent stages for share trading, and the best type f stocks to invest in at each stage of the cycle.

  • Early Capital Goods
  • Middle Expansion
  • Late Expansion
  • Early Contraction
  • Late Contraction

Darren will also advise on Trading Psychology, and Trading Emotions.

He proposes leveraging the power of Compound Returns consistently.

The cost of Darren´s Wealth Training course is 2000GBP?

Sean Allison – Cash Flow Options Trading Program

Sean Allison is a specialist Options Trader and offers Professional Options Trading Education Program consisting of 9 modules

Module 1 – The Fundation of Income Trading Success

Module 2 – Key Concepts to Generate Income

Module 3 – Sean´s Basic Cheat Sheet

Module 4 – The Key Set Up For Charting Success

Module 5 – Understanding Put Options

Module 6 – Understanding Call Options

Module 7 – The Call Spread Strategy

Module 8 – The Put Spread Strategy

Module 9 – Mastering Trading Psychology

In addition to the above educational modules valued at 9000GBP, Sean offers 6 x 1 hour skype sessions valued at 1500GBP and 12 months unlimited email access valued at 2000GBP.

Sean offered the following bonuses as well to attendees at the Digital Nomads Event:

How To Open Your Trading Account valued at 500GBP

The Crash Strategy valued at 3000GBP

Options Trading Program 2 Day Workshop Training valued at 6000GBP

Elite Squeeze Strategy valued at 2000GBP

Plus Lifetime Access to Sean´s Ultimate Trading Diary valued at 1300GBP

The total offer package was 25, 250GBP

The Special One Off Digital Nomads Event cost of Sean allison´s Options Trading Program is 1500GBP or 1590GBP split over 2 monthly payments of795GBP each month.

Simon Coulson

Simon Coulson has made a success of internet marketing using ebooks on a themed basis, property guides to Bulgaria, and other central European countries and made many millions from his methods digital nomads.

Simon now teaches his methods and charges 1500GBP for a training course of 3days.

Simon describes his 3 step system:

1) Something to sell – A Product or a Service

2) Website – should be good quality, better than competitors, sales funnels, upsells, offers.

3) Traffic – The Most Important Thing.

Pat Mesiti – Pathway to Prosperity – 12 Steps to Financial Freedom

Pat Mesiti is a Mentor and Lifestyle coach with a powerful and personable character. he offers mentoring and training courses with him personally. Pat is acquainted with many famous and successful personalities including Arnold Schwarzeneger, xxxxx

Pat´s Pathway to Prosperity is a 3 day event valued at 1500GBP, or 3 x payments of 597GBP per month.

Within the currculum Pat promises to cover:

The 12 Irrefutable Laws of money

The 8 Vital Associations for Wealth

How to Set Your Money Goals

The 12 Steps to Financial Recovery and Acceleration

How to Develop a Financial Pathway to Freedom

How to Change Your Money Story and Financial Directions

Also you will receive:

The Wealth Mastery Program, which is an extensive collection of mindset training, with inspirational life training presented by Pat Mesiti and guests Digital Nomads. This is a Home study program.

Paul O´Mahoney

Paul O´Mahoney is a specialist in Social Media, who has become very succesful through his use of webinars and social media endorsement producing viral traffic growth digital nomads.

He is an author of a book called ¨ReThink Social Media – Stop Wasting Time. Start Earning Money digital nomads¨.

Paul offers training courses in the Social Media methods which he uses and the cost is 2000GBP for a x week course which includes his personal support and mentoring.

Paul has a 4 step strategy:

1) Find a Niche

2) Social Media – find audience, Marketing

3) Free Gift + Opt In Page to build an email list – your database of contacts, customers.

4) Email marketing

In addition for success you will need targetted traffic, a database (email list) AutoResponder, Ongoing Support

Paul offers a total package value of 32,950GBP for an event Special Offer price of 2000GBP, or 3 payments of 795GBP.

Tom Hua – PRIMO3

Tom Hua is a top flight internet marketer and has had great success with his own Affiliate Marketing business, being a previous winner of ClickBank Resellers Viral Marketing Award digital nomads.

PRIMO stands for Passive, Residual, Income, Machine Online.

The PRIMO system offers Affiliates the ability to use all of Tom Hua´s existing ebook and ecourse products, either sell them as they are or to adapt them to your own purpose and sell them as your own.

Tom´s system comprises:

1) Product or Service

2) Website

3) Traffic (visitors = customers)

Products can be:

1.1 Afiliate Programs eg Clickbank, offer instant start, but no control. Preferable to spend money on high ticket items for higher commission.

1.2 Resell Licences

Instant start – better control, possibly expensive, ie ecourses

1.3 Own Products

You have full control with your own products but full responsibility for fulfilment of orders and after sales, returns etc.

Information products are easy to sell and distribute, just need to find customers.

2. Website

Webhosting vs Cloud Computing, Amazon Web services

2.2 Cross Platform Content delivery

PC/Tablet/Laptop/Mobile Phone

2.3 Accept Payment Online

Paypal or Stripe, Alipay is popular in China, or,

3. Traffic

Traffic is the lifeblood of the business. The 3 most effective ways of getting traffic are:

Search Engines vs Social Network, ie Google, FaceBook, Twitter, WhatsApp, WeChat, SnapChat.

Joint Venture is the fastest way to achieve traffic to your website

Viral Traffic is the best if possible to achieve

Tom Hua´s offer for PRIMO3 at the Digital Nomads event is one payment of $3777 or staged payments over up to 2 years 24 payments of $250.

Brian Koz – Webfire Software

With his partner Shawn Casey, Brian Koz is the co-author of Webfire software, which is a highly sophisticated online marketing sotware system with multi functional capabilities. including:

Keyword Analysis and Research


Leads Generation

Search Engine Optimization

Kevin Green – Property Developer/Social Entrepreneur

Kevin Green specializes in purchasing properties where the owners have defaulted on their mortgages or loans. He offers a deal to take on the liabilities, acquire the property, develop it and sell it on. He does so in cycles of three properties, so that he keeps appreciating assets as well as trades and sells on properties for cash flow for his business.

His business model is to buy properties at 50% Below Market Value, selling at 20% Below Market Value digital nomads.

He also uses a unique model of financing the purchases of properties, which is a sort of crowd funding approach.

Systemization is the key to Kevin Green´s approach and success.

Kevin Green claims that the returns from such property investment is very large, and has enabled him to buy gold and silver bullion and to trade in jewels from Indonesia and Malaysia.

He claims to sublet and delegate most of the work to his team of specialists who deal with the technical processes involved in acquisition of the properties, settlement of debts, and development activities digital nomads.

Kevin Green offers training courses which teach the methods which he uses and are always popular, costing 3000GBP per person for a 3 day course.

Andrew Reynolds – Digital Company Set Up Offer

Andrew Reynolds made an unusual and extremely generous offer upon the announcement of his retirement after working for 21 years building his businesses.

To all attendees of the Digital Nomads workshop as a one offer retirement offer Andrew Reynolds offered to set up a company for each attendee of the workshop, Additionally he offered to give to each attendee the Private Label Rights to all of his electronic products digital nomads, and show each attendee the software which he uses to run and operate his company.

This is an incredible offer, and Andrew Reynolds fulfilled this at the event from 29th June to 1st July 2018.

Additionally Andrew Reynolds offered a free traffic workshop which was held on 15th July which demonstrated succesful traffic generation methods as practiced by a friend of his who is an expert in that field.