Who Wants Best The Power To Live More – From Jo Dodds

Who Wants The Power To Live More - From Jo Dodds

Who Wants The Power To Live More -From Jo Dodds

When you start your business you would want to envisage a time when you can enjoy life more Power To Live, and that is why you should ask yourself the question: Who Wants The Power To Live More From Jo Dodds?

When you first get started the amount of work involved in setting up a new business can be overwhelming, and you could find yourself wondering where to start first.

You would not be the only person to have experienced such overwhelm and neither would you be the first person to solve that problem.

The secret is to organise your work activities so that they are manageable. So you need to consider everything that you do and decide on what are your priorities.

When you know what your priorities are, then you need to decide how you will manage those activities.

Ideally, you will set up some systems to help you with that management of priorities.

Because you are not the first person to have solved those problems, there is information available in the public domain about what to do and how to go about it.

Jo Dodds has been through that sort of overwhelming situation herself and found ways to overcome the problems associated with too much work, and competing demands from private and family life.

Jo has set up her business about solving such problems and she can tell you about The Power To Live More from her own experience.

Jo holds regular meetings to support small businesses in lots of different ways, and you can choose what works for you the best.

Because everyone´s small business is different and their personal and family circumstances are also unique, then the particular problems that owners experience are different and everyone is at a different stage in their journey.

So it is important that the support provided for individual businesses is also flexible to suit the various different circumstances of those business owners.

Jo uses Slack to communicate with her members and keep in touch daily.

You can choose to participate in the weekly calls depending upon your grade of membership, that is gold or platinum.

Additionally, there are accountability calls that you can choose to participate in weekly. At these useful calls like-minded members get together to concentrate and focus on Getting Things Done in a supportive group, with time set aside for the production of content or completing priority actions for your business. The community peer support is very helpful and supportive for members.

I have been participating in Power To Live More for several months now, and have enjoyed the supportive environment that Jo Dodds creates for all her members.

I participate in the weekly Accountability calls and Gold calls and have these regular schedules because I find that they are very helpful for my business.

To give you examples of tips and tricks that I have picked up from Jo Dodds and Power To live More, here are a few specifics:

Healthy Eating – Jackie Fletcher specializes in Keto diet and weight loss and is very knowledgeable on this subject. Here is her website Ketoxxxxx.

I am personally not needing to reduce my weight dramatically, but I would like to continue a trend of losing around 1kg per month (I am down from 92-93kg at the beginning of the year to around 86kg now, and would like to lose another 3kg over the next 3 months.

The Power To Live More

Money Management – Lucy Wallington established this very useful website that features some extremely useful information.

LinkedIn Expert – Ashley Leeds is a highly experienced salesperson and is also an expert at networking on LinkedIn

Virtual Assistant Service and German Language Translation – Barbara Yeo offers these services.

Business Networking And Oils – David Harris

Our Recommendation: Having asked ourselves the question “Who Wants The Power To Live More – From Jo Dodds”, we have tried out Jo´s services over the last 6 months or so, and we can honestly say that our business has benefitted from the tips and advice given by Jo. Here are a few specific examples of software that we have evaluated and trialled in some cases before choosing one or more software programmes to continue with.

Project Management Software: Compared and evaluated Osana.com and Monday.com


If you want any more reason to subscribe to Power To Live More from Jo Dodds, I have also been coached by Jo under the Mesiti Coaching program for the last 9 months approximately.


Additionally, I have been dealing with Jo Dodds under the Tom Hua PRIMO3 course capital learning system for the last 4 years since I started that in July 2018.